Sea of Cosmetics


Sea  Ideal for a Pampering Vacation

Spas have sprung aplenty in the region, which offer a range of pampering treatments from massage, to facials and peels, as well as saunas to mud therapy. The waters are rich in natural minerals whose power has also been harnessed in cosmetic products of all types from mud masks to hair and skin care formulations.

Gratiae Harness the Power of Sea  Mineral Springs

One thermal spring in particular was discovered by the Roman Emperor Hadrian in the 2nd century famous for its mineral rich waters which erupt at 125 degrees. The spring, which was named ‘Gratiae’ (grace), was a popular Roman attraction and today the hot spring’s rejuvenating properties – with tourists arriving to sample the mineral rich waters known to heal and rejuvenate.

Of course not everyone can get to the Gratiae spring to bathe in its therapeutic waters, but they can enjoy our anti-aging skincare which combine the thermal spring water with minerals and flora native to the Sea . Here at Gratiae, we have a line of superior products from facial masks and serums to replenishing creams, as well as products geared specifically towards men.